Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Going Green

I have been hearing about green smoothies for a long time. The thought of drinking something green just sounds gross. But after reading this blog I bit the bullet and made one for dinner.

I own a Vita Mix and make fruit smoothies several times a week. The kids LOVE them. About a year ago I started adding the occasional carrots and cabbage. The kids know I put it in there and still drink it.

Tonight I made one with a banana, orange, strawberries, pineapple juice, carrots and baby spinach. The result was a green baby food looking drink. The kids looked at it then looked at me. I told them I put spinach in it. They tried it and looked back at me. While you couldn't taste the spinach it really looked quite disgusting. I told them it was either that or eat a spinach salad. They all had refills on their green smoothies.

It feels great to know I had all 5 of my servings of fruits and veggies today. (I ate a pound of steamed asparagus for lunch. YUM!)

I will definitely make more green smoothies.

Monday, May 19, 2008


School is over! Aaron is an official graduate with an MBA!
We had his party last Saturday at the park in the 103* weather. Despite the heat we had a lovely time. We had a bounce house for the kids, DJ for the adults and tons of yummy food.

The Saturday before last we had a birthday party at Someplace Fun. That is the name of the bounce house place in Galt. Alana, Aubrey and Caitlyn all got to celebrate another year of growth. We had a great time. The kids loved the full sized carousel.
I had fun taking the baby down the big slide and then racing DH and my BIL on the bungy run. That is until I fell on my neck. I didn't feel the pain until the next day. I couldn't even pick my head up off the bed. By Tuesday I had to go to the doctors. I ended up with a diagnosis of a sprained neck. After getting a shot of torodal and perscriptions for Vicoden and a muscle relaxer I went back to work with a soft neck brace. Luckily I am feeling tons better already.