Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to the Circus

If you know us then you know we LOVE do Halloween as a family. Last year I missed out since I was sick with pneumonia. This year I planned ahead. We went as the Porter Circus.
The kids were perfect. Even Parker got into character and growled and people.
The lion and the lion tamer.
Mom as the fortune teller.

Dad as the lion tamer.

Parker the lion. He loved trick or treating and saying thank you. His favorites were
the houses with dogs. He was ready to go inside and play with all the puppies.

Andrew the strong man could lift 1000 lbs with ease!

Caitlyn was our silly clown! It is hard to tell but her hair is in 4 pony tails with each one sprayed a different color.

Alyssa was our mismatched clown. He rocked the colored hair and super big bow.

Mariah was the perfect clown. When she decides to get into character she does a great job.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dress up day at school

Caitlyn and Andrew got to dress up for Halloween at the Elementary School.

Caitlyn is a clown. It is hard to see in the picture but we put her hair in 4 ponytails and spray painted them orange and red. I think she looks great!
For our family theme this year Andrew is going to the strong man but for school he wore an old pirate costume. He was excited to dress up a few times this year. ARRGH!!

Caramel Apples

Why haven't I made these before? The are so easy and super yummy. Of course I also had to dip them in chocolate as everything is better with chocolate! I will definitaly be making these again next year.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


October 2010

The girls Young Women class had an activity for the girls and their mom's. We all dressed up as witches and played get to know you games. It was fun for all of us. We enjoyed spending this time together. I learned that I don't know anything about the girls favorite tv shows or music groups!

This is the Place

September 2010

After living here for 1.5 years, we finally made it to the This is the Place national park. This park is set up like a frontier town and shows how the Pioneers settled Utah.

We were able to go with my baby sister and brother. We love having so many cousins around to hang out with!

All the cousins!
The train ride.
All of the kids got a pony ride. Parker kept giggling. This was his first time on a horse and he loved every minute.

Several cabins had old time games the kids could play. Mariah tried to use the stilts but wasn't too successful. She had fun trying.
This same cabin had a 'garden' the kids could plow. Alyssa discovered how dirty this chore made you when her socks turned brown after only a few minutes.

First Day of school

August 2010
The kids on their first day of school.

Andrew going to 1st grade.
Caitlyn in 4th grade.
Alyssa on her first day of Jr. High.

Mariah rolled her eyes as I got my camera to take them to school. She said, "Your going to the only Mom taking pictures at the Jr. High." She was right! Oh, well. She was ok with me going, but maybe I will have to do the pictures at home next year.

4th of July

July 2010

We spent the 4th of July with the Porter side this year. It was so great to see them. We had fun hanging out, eating, playing games and even making smores.

We went to a parade and fireworks show with my sis-in-law in her neighborhood. The kids had fun watching fireworks and doing sparklers. Aaron loved watching the men 'breath fire', of course, he had to come home and try it out. It took some trial but he got pretty good at it.


May 2010

Alyssa graduated from 6th Grade this year. She will join Mariah next year in the Jr. High. She is so big now!
Alyssa is super social. She is bright but prefers talking on the phone rather than finishing her homework. Once we got a schedule done she became a great student! She finished reading Harry Potter for the 4th time this year.

Andrew graduated from Kindergarten this year. He is a happy, silly boy. He get frustrated with his ready as he would rather be out playing. Math comes very easy and can add and subtract large numbers in his head. He can't wait for 1st grade to start.

St. George

April 2010

We had the opportunity to go to St. George for a week with my baby sister and brother and their families. We all rented a huge house with 3 master bedrooms plus 3 other bedrooms and another sleeping area. There was plenty of room for everyone.

We were just blocks from the temple and enjoyed walking there and going to the visitors center. We also went up the canyon for a picnic and some hiking. On our last day we went to Zions national park. It was so beautiful. We really enjoyed the hiking and seeing some of nature.

Freezer Jam

April 2010

This was our first time making freezer jam. I had the opportunity to purchase 40 lbs of strawberries and so we decided to take the plung.

The entire family helped. Aaron and Mariah washed and sliced the berries. Alyssa mashed them and Cailtyn stirred in the sugar. By the time we were done we had 17 quarts of jam. The kids loved making it so much they finished a quart a week for the next few months.


April 2010
Our cute kids dressed up on Easter Sunday.

I love this picture of Mariah. It is one of my favorites. She looks so beautiful.

Andrew shows off his newly colored Easter Eggs.


March 2010
Mariah had a part as a Who in her school play Suessical. She had a great time.
Alysssa played several roles this one was a Winkie in the community youth theatre. This years play was Wizard of Oz. She loved being part of the play.