Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Helen's Birthday

My birthday was a week ago. I forgot to update it so here it is!
My family did great for my birthday. We have started doing presents in the morning before everyone runs off. It has been fun to have all day to enjoy the new things.
We also started taking pictures with each person and their gift. I guess I am not holding the items up high enough because you cannot see them in most of the pictures.

Parker got me some lovely new earings.
Andrew made pipe cleaner people I am wearing teh red shirt and he is wearing the blue shirt. After this he also made one with a green shirt to be Daddy. They are all 3 at work so I can see them every day!

Caitlyn got me a butterfinger! My favorite. Yum!

Alyssa got me a couple more butterfingers. I think my kids know what I like!

Mariah made me poppyseed muffins (or puffy seed as Parker calls them). I got a dozen just
for me to take to work. The best gift from her came after work. I got home to a sparkling clean and organized kitchen. She worked ALL day cleaning the counters and fridge. She also organized all but the spice cupboards. I am putting in my wish now for the same gift for next year. Mariah rocks at the cleaning and organizing!

Aaron got me North and South (the civil war version not Jane Austin). I loved watching this movie every summer. I can't wait until I have enough time to watch it again. He also cooked me a yummy dinner of steak, asparagus and baked potatoes and a yummy blizzard ice cream cake for dessert.

Thanks family!

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

August 22, 1011
Summer is over and school is back in session. I have enjoyed having my kids home this summer so this was bittersweet. I know they love school, but as they get older they are more helpful and we can do more activities as a family.

Here are all the kids ready to go. I had to change my first day of school pics as the older girls are in a carpool and got dropped off at the school today. I offered to take them and get pictures. They thought about it but were ok with me just them at house first. Alyssa made sure to pose in front of the carpool van.
Mariah is in her new outfit complete with her first pair of skinny jeans. She is in 9th grade and is a little bummed that here that is at the junior high. All her California friends are in high school. She has 3 honors classes plus she is one of 19 kids that are taking Spanish 2 this year. She loves all of her teachers and classes.

Alyssa is ready for 8th grade. The first outfit she put on she spilt milk on so she had to change. Alyssa got moved up to advanced band is glad to have lunch with her 2 best friends.

Andrew is in 2nd grade and is in class with a few kids from the neighborhood. He likes his 2nd grade teacher. He told me this evening that all of the other kids have decided he is a popular kid now because he wears cool clothes. I guess I did ok when I picked out his new outfit!
Caitlyn is in 5th grade. Luckily she has class with her best friend again. She came with us to school and even posed for a few pictures. We love her friend. They are so good for each other. Caitlyn is counting the days until choir starts in a few weeks.

Parker doesn't start school until next year, but he was not about to be left out of school pictures. He even picked out his outfit last night when we were getting everyone else ready. Today he got to go to a friends house where he will be babysat Monday-Wednesdays. He got to go the park, play and draw. This was the note from the sitter: "So today the kids were doing markers on a big white board and Parker was drawing a BIG circle with a circle in the middle and saying 'thats Amber, she has a baby inside her!' then he added the face, hair, arms, and hands. He seemed to know all about Amber and the anatomy of pregnancy :) It was cute!"

Aunt Amber was just here last week visiting. She is 8 months along with baby #5. I guess Parker was paying attention!