Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mr. Mom

While Aaron looks for a job he is playing Mr. Mom. He is very good at it. Some things he has gotten to do: pick up girls from school, laundry, dinner, cleaning, playing with the boys, feeding boys, homework, playdates, whining children, and running errands. And he has done all of this while trying to apply and look for a job.

I am very proud of my husband. He is trying very hard and has done a great job at keeping the kids in one piece, having dinner ready when I get home and having the upstairs clean!

Thanks honey. I love you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I just love it here!

So today was the girls first day of school. We had already met the principal when we enrolled them 3 weeks ago. He was very nice.
We all went to see them off on their new adventure. As we were walking up we were greated by a teacher who asked if we were the 'new' family. She has a 2nd grade son who would be in Caitlyn's class.
Then before we could get to the door a group of girls asked "which one of you is Mariah?" Each class had been told they would be getting a new girl from California. They told Mariah to come with them and off they went.
It was so great to see the girls taken in and shown the ropes.
Even after school they were still excited. Caitlyn says her new best friend is named Zoe!

I am so glad that they are fitting in and making friends so quickly. Right now the girls are all riding their scooters around the neighborhood in hopes of catching sight of a new friend.

I started work today and had a similar reaction. Everyone was very open and welcoming. My job is customer service. I get to answer a lot of emails; mostly where is my order type of stuff. Not terribly exciting but I get to work in the industry and with great people.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

We made it!!!

After 2 long days of packing we left our house late Tuesday night. It was strange to drive away from the house we own leaving it messy and with belongings (my step-mom is doing a yard sale for us later this month). As strange as it was it was also exciting.
We spent the night at my Dad's. Yeah for beds and breakfast in the morning. Our plan to leave at 6am were deterred by the want for more sleep. By 7am we were on our way. Aaron driving a 24 foot truck, my Dad driving a 16 foot truck and towing Aaron's car, and me driving the van with the little kids.
Our drive went smooth although long. We finally made it to Spanish Fork at 10:30pm. My sister graciously set up beds in her basement for us to crash on.
Thursday we arrived at our new house and began unloading the trucks. We were amazed at the support from the neighborhood and our new ward. With in minutes of arriving our landlord was at the house unloading for an hour before he went to work. Then my awesome friend and her husband drove down and spent a few hours helping. The relief society president showed up with muffins and spent an hour organizing my kitchen. The next door neighbor brought us home made cookies.
The other neighbors came to introduce themselves and ask if we needed help. My reply was sure if you have the time. They replied, "We are out of town and can't help today but we will call someone to make sure you have the help you need." I laughed at that.
Then the elders quorum president and his 2nd counselor came and finished bringing in the rest of the big furniture.
I couldn't believe the amount of help we had with in the first few hours. We have met more of our neighbors in 2 days than we ever met in our 12 years in Sacramento.
It didn't end there!
Friday we slept in after a late night grocery shopping trip in the rain. As I was getting out of the shower at 9:30 the neighbor arrived with her 2 little ones with the offer to help. With her and my sister working hard we finished the kitchen, Caitlyns room and got a good start on the food storage room. After she left another neighbor from down the street came and helped with my craft room.
Before long the Bishop's wife came with her 12 year old daughter. We got to work organizing the boys room. Mariah and Alyssa found a great friend and took off with her to her house.
Still not done with all the generosity. Around 5 the retired lady across the street brought bread and dessert and told us the rest of dinner was on its way. Sure enough lasagna and salad showed up a little later.
We shared our dinner with all of the family that showed up to help bring in the last boxes so I would have room to park in the garage.
Today we had a delivery of warm cinnamon rolls to start our morning.
I am just amazed and blessed to have the warm acceptance from family, neighbors and church members. With all the help we are almost done with the unboxing. (except for my craft room which will take awhile)
So far I love it here! Our house is big and open. The people are wonderful. Family is close!