Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Andrew's 7th Birthday

Seven years ago I delivered my first boy. Born on Superbowl Sunday, Andrew was our first to come without help (and one day before his due date). Since then our lives have never been the same. Andrew is fun, cute, feisty and all boy. He loves to jump, run, ride his bike, read and play Lego's, transformers, bakugon and spiderman. Andrew opening presents. Along with the 'bad' transformer he got a transformer DVD, shirt, bakugon case, remote control car, spiderman outfit and power rangers.

Andrew surprised with his new RC car. He loved it!

SpiderRoo! Andrew got his first spiderman outfit when he was 3 and still wears it. We thought it was time to get him the next size up. He loved that this one has padded muscles.

Sunday Andrew got to celebrate with his cousins who had birthdays in January. What a lucky kid to have so much family around.