Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For Family home evening we took the family bowling. I had a great coupon for 2 hours of bowling plus pizza and drinks. I was not able to bowl with my shoulder problems so I took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures!

Parker couldn't wait until it was his turn so he could put a ball on the guide and push it down. He loved it!

Aaron was a good sport and even kept the bumpers up during his turn. He was being silly and did some granny shots and silly moves for the kids. Even still he got over 100 both rounds!

Mariah tried her best but was the only who didn't get a spare or a strike. That was frustrating for her but she did good and trying.

Alyssa had the wierdest pose of all when she bowled! Instead of putting her right foot behind when she let go of the ball she would kind of hop and lift her left leg to the side. It was funny to watch!

I think Caitlyn had the most fun. She loved to mimic some of Daddy's silly poses. She did great and loved helping Parker when it was his turn.

Andrew got so good he was able to set up the guide by himself after just a few rounds.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fiddler on the Roof

Alyssa performed in the Jr. High play this year. She was a daughter in the chorus. She had a fun time and loved all the new songs.

To portray a Jew the girls had to cover their hair. She wore her Grandma Guy's old pioneer dress and shawl. I love that her clothes are being used in her honor. To cover her hair she wore one of her Moms scarves and tied it like a babushka. She looked great!
Alyssa had several good friends in the play with her. This is on of her BFF's. We couldn't find the others after the play to get pictures but there were quite a few. This was a good experience for the kids.