Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

I love this day. First off all I am so grateful to have the best mother God every created. She was perfect in every way. After birthing 6 children and being told she couldn't have any more she went on to adopt 2 more and fostered several dozen. She cooked, kept a clean and tidy house, took us on vacations, had her own friends, crafted, and overcame some of the most horendous child hood issues. All of this I do not have one memory of her every yelling. She was amazing! I love her and miss her every day!

I try to be like my mother. I am not. I yell, my house is often messing and I know I can not handle more children than the ones I have. But I continue to try.

Today I woke up to the best gift. My children were up and dressed for church and were happy!
Then they preceded to give me the treasures they had made. Mariah had drawn a bird and made a beautiful card. Alyssa had a jar filled with tags for me to use in my scrapbooks or on gifts. caitlyn has several treasures she had made at school: a picture she had drawn, a paper flower pot with paper flowers listing reasons I was a good mom and a book about mothers she had written and illustrated. All of these great treasures will be added to my scrapbooks.

The best were given to me after church. Each child was given a form to fill in the blanks about there mother.
When I was born, Mom thought she loved me.
My mom looks really pretty when she doesn't blow dry her hair or cut it!
In her spare time my mom likes to go to the store and buy stuff.

When I was born, Mom thought I was cute.
My mom looks really pretty when she wears dresses.
In her spare time my mom likes to sleep.

When my mom was a little girl she had a best friend who she named me after.
When my mom met my dad she thought he was gorgeous.
When I was born, mom thought I was beautiful.
Mom looks really pretty when she is dressed for church.
In her spare time, my mom likes to scrapbook.
My mom likes me to do my hair in ways she likes.
I love my mom because she loves me and takes care of me and my needs.

Still to come....

Aaron surprised me this morning with a Mothers necklace. It is a heart locket with birthstone jewels inside representing each member of my family. I will wear it and keep my family close to me!

Off to enjoy the marinated chicken and artichoke pasta that has been prepared in my honor!

Happy Mother's Day to all women who in any way help to raise and educate todays youth and especially to those who help keep all mothers sane!