Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We got together with my side of the family for an Easter Egg hunt and lunch.

We met at a park and it was cold! We made it just long enough to do the egg hunt before heading to my brothers shop to eat.

We broke the kids up in groups by age and let them go a few at a time with the youngest going first.'

This is the oldest group. These three cousins are only months apart! I love that they get to hang out together.

Andrew started going the wrong way so we had to turn him around. :)

Cute girls running for the eggs.

The littlest guys. I love their faces. They were so excited.

We had a great time hanging out and spending time together.


I am so grateful to Jesus Christ for showing his love for all of us. Because he has risen we will be resurrected.

I love that we celebrate this season in the Spring when everything is warming enough to emerge from the winter.
We celebrate with food, Easter egg hunts, family and lots of chocolate.

This year I made my carrot cake into cute little Easter baskets. I thought they turned out cute. Mariah and her basket. Each kid got their own little digital game and lots of candy.

Alyssa's favorite candy this year was the pop rocks. It brought back many memories.

Caitlyn is getting bigger and got her own bath set (each girl got their own!)

Andrew loved his ninja's, squinky and power ranger game.

Parker loved it all! He ate so much candy Andrew started telling him to stop so he wouldn't get a tummy ache. I love it when they look out for each other.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My baby girl is 10

Caitlyn turned 10 years old yesterday. She was excited because her birthday fell on spring break and we were able to have her party on her birthday. With all the rain and snow and we have been having we celebrated with some sunshine! We threw a luau with a beach cake, lei's and beach ball games. Caitlyn requested homemade pizza. Her 7 friends (plus our kids) finished off almost 3 large pizzas!
I don't want to admit that my girls are growing up. Luckily you are never too old for a Just Like Me doll from American Girl Dolls. She loved it!
As our lives have gotten busier we have started celebrating birthdays in the morning before we all run off. This is what our kids look like at 7am on a vacation week!

PS candles melt in hot food!
Creme brulee french toast and pop tarts for breakfast!

Happy Birthday Caity!