Friday, March 13, 2009

New job, new house, and our move

What a few weeks we have had!

Over the years Aaron and I have had several discussions about moving to Utah to be near my siblings and his sister. The discussions usually ended in 'NO, Way'. Niether of us really wanted to live in Utah with the snow, being surrounded by mountains, away from friends and family we have here. Plus I had the store and he had his job.

Then I closed the store and Aaron lost his job. After looking for work for the past 8 months I did get hired on at Walmart here. I even started orientation last Friday. But we were feeling the pull again toward Utah.

So we packed up this week to go for a visit. While there things were falling into place. We looked at some rental houses and found a HUGE 7 bedroom, 3 bath 3,300 sq foot house for half of what we are paying in CA. See how open the living area is? And the kitchen has so much more storage than what we have. Downstairs in the basement is a large living room and 4 bedrooms. We will have kids rooms, excercise room, craft room and study! So we signed a lease starting April 1st!

Then I found a job in Utah!!!! I am so excited!!!! I had applied at a few various places and then as I got an email from one of my favorite online scrapbook stores I noticed the address was in Utah. So I filled out their contact me form with a plea for a job. I got a reply! They said they found my resume 'interesting to them' and they wanted to talk. I met with the owners on Wednesday and talked for 2 hours. We discussed the current trends, my experience and what I could offer them. They wanted me to join their team! I came back Thursday and they offered me a job. The pay is better than I was getting here in CA @ Walmart and the job is so much better. They are anxious for me to start. In order to help them out sooner they are flying me out next weekend to run a scrapbook Expo! I am so excited! I get a steady paycheck, flexible hours and get to be involved in the scrapbook business.

Aaron still has not found a job but has been able to make many contacts. Fortunitely the IT field pays the same in UT as in CA. We are confident that he will be able to find something soon.

While in Utah we visited a great friend and her 3 daughters. I also got to go out to dinner with an awesome gal and her family. I met Heather almost 4 years ago when I attended a convention in Provo. I can't wait until we move and we can scrapbook together! We also saw lots of family. I loved watching Parker kiss baby Taitt, Andrew play with his baby Ben, Caitlyn and Emalee running off together, Andrew and Hadley holding hands while walking through the temple, Alyssa getting all of the kids together for games, and the kids playing in the snow. I am going to love have family to get together with. Before leaving we stopped at the kids new school and got them enrolled.

So now we are frantically packing and finishing many tasks. We move the 1st of April! Aaahhh!!!