Sunday, September 11, 2011


Aarons work rented out Lagoon on Friday for all the employees and their families. This was the best work party ever!
We drove down after work and got there when they opened the doors at 5pm. Mariah and Alyssa had been there before with the junior high, but for the rest of us this was our first time. It was great! There were no lines for the rides!
Aaron stayed with the boys in the kiddie section while I took the girls on the big kid rides. Parkers favorite ride was a roller coaster called puff. Of course, I think he went on everything 3-4 times.

Andrew loved everything! Once he got the hang of the helicopters he loved making it go up and down. He was sad at first that he wasn't quite tall enough for the other rides, but had fun anyway.
The girls and took off and went on every ride! It was a blast. I am so glad my girls love rides. My favorite was Wicked. LOVED it! Before we rejoined the boys for dinner the girls went on Cliffhanger. This ride gets you wet. If you look at how wet they are in the picture that is all from one ride. On our way to eat the boys spotted this fountain. They got soaked. It was nice to let them just enjoy it and not worry about how wet they were.
After dinner we hit more rides. The boys watched us go on the rocket and then they went back to the kiddie rides. While waiting in line for tilt a whirl we watched a girl puke at the end. They had to close the ride to clean it up. It was then I saw the Sky Coaster. I was intrigued! I plan to go sky diving next month so this looked fun. I called Aaron over to join us (since he had my wallet - it was extra for this ride, but since we got in for free and dinner was free I felt it was worth it). Mariah was thrilled to go with me. She is a daredevil like me. I couldn't convince anyone else to go.
This is Mariah and I suited up waiting for our turn. Considering how dark it was Aaron got a couple of great shots. This is us on our 2nd fall. They pull you up and then at the count of 3 I pulled the cord and we free fell 143 feet going speeds up to 80 mph. It was scary and awesome! Mariah was pretty nervous when we were going up. I was glad to be there with her and have this experience. I am so ready to sky dive!